Byrak claims to be negotiating to buy Chelsea

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Turkish billionaire Muhsin Byrak has said he is negotiating with Roman Abramovich‘s lawyers over an offer to buy Chelsea after the club announced a sale earlier this week.

Abramovich has been under heavy pressure following the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. On Wednesday he announced he wanted to sell the Blues after nearly two decades as owner of the ufabet team.

A Russian billionaire has decided to end his 19 years of rule at Stamford Bridge amid his country’s invasion of Ukraine. This led the British government to question his boycott.

As a result, Abramovich had to pay off all his assets in London before the British government could punish him, including his beloved club Chelsea.

American and Swiss businessmen Todd Bohly and Hans York Wiess have surfaced with rumors of a £3bn offer, but Byrak has now claimed the Turkish flag. Going to wave in London soon

“We are negotiating the terms of the purchase of Chelsea. With Roman Abramovich’s lawyer,” Bayrak say.

“We are in the process of negotiating to sign the contract. We will soon be waving the Turkish flag in London.”

“We have made an offer. Because of the war of Russia And Ukraine is emerging in the world. because they found Turkey safe. They want to get paid after most of the sale in Turkey.”

“We have plans to sign a contract soon.”