Maguire pointed out that everyone must share responsibility

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Manchester United defender Harry Maguire admits that all players must share responsibility for the bad performances of the past. Not just a former boss

Maguire admits he regrets seeing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sacked as head coach. After a day’s defeat to Watford 1-4, he pointed out that all players must share responsibility for their recent poor performance, especially the 0-5 home defeat to Liverpool and Manchester City 0-2

“I think it was a very difficult time. For us as players as well. Because we have a lot of respect for the boss with what he’s done a lot over the two and a half years he’s been here.” “We have traveled together. It’s not a good thing to see someone lose their job. He came in and talked to us yesterday. It’s full of emotional feelings.”

“Every player shows how much we want to be successful. and like you said Saturday’s results weren’t good enough. The results of the latter game were not good enough. It’s a business outcome, unfortunately Ole has to pay for that.” “Of course, we have to share a big responsibility for that as well,” Maguire said during a press conference with interim head coach Michael Carrick. Ready for the visit of Villarreal in the Champions League on Tuesday.