The scout is disappointed to see Meslier lose 7 pills

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Manchester United have drawn up plans for a future as a goalkeeper after the end of David de Gea‘s era, sending scouts to watch Illan Meslier ‘s performance against Manchester City on Tuesday. Unfortunately, he was lure with 7 pills until his history was tarnish.

The report by the ‘ Mail Online ‘ that the recruitment ‘ Red Devils ‘ believe Dean Henry Anderson used those present could not bear Kinngmtgsak of De Gea and South gluey Spanish out of contract at season’s end 2022. -23

The United gave Tony cattle tons Scout experts to see foreshadowing the final , including Jim Lawler’s chief scout to monitor the development Wong sticky aged 21 years. He is name tight end in league England as measured by age. same .

But it turned out to be seeing Meslier bent down to collect the ball at the bottom of the net as many as seven times as the ‘ Blues ‘ rivals got in the box.  

Sparks from the game at the Etihad Stadium, with some, because over the 90 minutes City have lured as many targets as 31 times, with a dogfight save from Goal-Frenchman as well.  

Obstacles to the departed Messina Liège from Elliot Island Road is the direct hostility of the two clubs. If a business deal arises, it would be a large sum of money. The player has a contract for another five years when the West . C . The past.